In IRecycled we are committed to advise on the most complete, secure and technologically advanced procedures for the end of life management in electronic products. In turn, we commit to seek optimal recovery value of your electronic assets.

Desechos Electronicos

Our History 

In 2007 we began to operate as a company focused on providing environmental solutions for handling various waste materials in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment. 

In 2008 our way was directed on the field of E-waste, we propose cost-effective solutions for our customers and ensuring the final destination of the end of life material. 

We have 7 years helping large companies in their process of end of life. 

Our goal is always to seek environmentally friendly solutions, obtaining the best value of recovery for our clients for their assets.


Recycling will positively impact the conservation, reducing the amount of waste that pollute and the energy demand. 

Contact us and we will handle the end of life of their products in a responsible and efficient manner.